About Us

The Virginia College Navigator is created for students, parents and community members interested in learning more about the value of a community college education. Here, you’ll find information to help you navigate your post-secondary education: financial aid tips for a debt-free degree, programs pushing students towards success, and in-demand career trends to ensure you graduate with a job – not just a piece of paper.

About Tidewater Community College

Tidewater Community College brings to life its motto, “From here, go anywhere,” by providing quality post-secondary education to students who aspire to a four-year degree or wish to start or advance a career. TCC’s affordable, convenient and innovative programs are the primary educational choice for the region’s military. The college is pivotal to the economy of Southeastern Virginia, preparing the workforce and powering job growth. Founded in 1968, it is one of 23 colleges that make up the Virginia Community College System.