International student? Consider studying at a community college


Considering your collegiate options in the U.S.? Take into account community colleges, which offer transfer and career/technical programs that generally extend two years beyond high school. Community colleges are a perfect starting point for international students pursuing degrees for numerous reasons.

Benefits of attending community college as an international student:

  1. Affordable tuition rates. Saving thousands on tuition is one major perk of beginning your degree at a community college. According to the 2016 Fact Sheet from the American Association of Community Colleges, annual tuition and fees for community colleges averaged to be $3,430, while four-year colleges averaged to be $9,410. Two years at a community college would cost $6,860 compared to $18,820 at a four-year college – a $11,960 price difference. Those savings could easily pay for tuition, fees, room and board for your junior year at your transfer university. In addition, finances won’t keep you from applying to the transfers schools you want to attend.
  2. Smoother transition into American-style academics. Community colleges offer all levels of English-speaking and writing courses to help you fully understand and comprehend the language. Proven academic performance in these college-level courses will help you in the long run and make you a viable candidate for national colleges. Community colleges also offer transfer agreements with in-state and even some out-of-state colleges. Guaranteed admission is sure to make your transition to university life much easier.
  3. Reliable campus resources. Many community colleges, like Tidewater Community College (TCC), have an office that caters specifically to international students. TCC’s Office of International Student Services provides immigration advising, admission assistance, new student orientation and several other support services. The office also hosts a variety of events for students to get acquainted with fellow peers, faculty and staff.

Are you an international student looking to pursue a transfer, career or technical degree in Hampton Roads, Virginia? Start your degree at Tidewater Community College! Contact TCC’s Office of International Student Services at 757-822-7296, or via Skype!

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