Top 3 tips for class registration


Gearing up for spring registration? Follow these helpful tips to get the classes you need to stay on track with your degree.

  1. Meet with an advisor – the earlier the better! As spring registration opens during the holiday season, students easily become distracted and put off enrolling in classes for the following semester. Avoid the holiday daze by meeting with an advisor early to develop a game plan for next semester. Meeting ahead of time will result in faster service and fewer hiccups when selecting classes online. Added bonus: you’re more likely to get your favorite professors when picking classes earlier rather than later.
  2. Take advantage of campus resources. Finances stopping you from registering early? Pay a visit to the financial aid office on your campus to learn about your payment options. Tidewater Community College (TCC) offers students a variety of payment plans that work with multiple budgets. TCC offers three payment plans, allowing students to spread out payments over the course of two, three or four months. Whatever the case may be for your budget, financial aid representatives will work with you to ensure your finances won’t stand in the way of class registration.
  3. Create a “what-if” advisement report. Don’t have time to meet with an advisor between last-minute assignments and holiday prep? Log in to your student portal to access Student Information System (SIS) to run a “what-if” report. Simply plug in your program of study to track the academic requirements needed to complete the program. If you run into trouble with the “what-if” report, don’t panic; e-advisors are available to chat online to answer any enrollment questions you have.

New to college, returning to college or preparing for a civilian career? Start at Tidewater Community College! Chesapeake, Norfolk, Portsmouth and Virginia Beach residents should contact TCC via email at, by phone at 757-822-1122 or online at to get started. Spring 2017 classes start Jan. 9!

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